Prompt Residential Appraisals


We furnish prompt, accurate, professional-quality residential appraisals to mortgage lenders and brokers, attorneys, real estate agents, and homowners.  We make turn-around time one of our highest goals.

Commitment - Home Appraisal

More Than 15 Years of Experience

East-West Appraisals, LLC

For mortgage lenders and brokers, we provide prompt, profesional residential appraisals.  As turn-around time is very important to this segment of our business, we keep that as one of our highest priorities.

Attorneys use our services for divorce cases, estate settlements, and tax appeals to determine fair value of a residential property.

Real estate agents use us for pre-listing appraisals to determine a fair market value; this helps for quicker sale of a property.  As many sales are now financed either by  FHA or USDA mortgages, we can also advise what the property may need to meet the guidelines required in this type of financing.  We offer this service at a reduced rate.